Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quantity has a Quality all it's Own.

Seen here in the form of six Easy Model pre-assembled T-34/76 tanks. 

Evidently white camouflage is not so popular with gamers and collectors, as these were being discounted at 450 yen each- about $5.50 Can.- at a large hobby shop here in Japan.  

Not the very best models out there- the gun mantlet has been simplified somewhat- but at that price I couldn't go wrong.

They will look just fine once I repaint them, replace some of the heavy plastic handrails on the side, and glue the tracks down to the top of the road wheels. 

A fine addition to the RKKA.  I was also able to get a slew 'o M4 Shermans for my US collection, as you can see here.

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