Saturday, September 18, 2010

Eastern Front Railway Station

I recently came across this resin kit through a post on The Guild wargamer's forum.  
A quick check with Hobby Link Japan showed that they had one in in stock, and I finally got around to ordering it today.  

This will be ideal addition to the village buildings I already have.  It has a spartan, somewhat run-down look about it I like.  It should be fun to paint. 

All I need is a length of HO/OO track, and it's Tomasovitch the Tank Engine time. 


Neil moulden said...

Have you seen the latest T28 model by MIG? Looks absolutely amazing.

stuart said...

Surely you mean "James the Red Engine"! LOL

stuart said...

Nice work, I enjoy your blog immensely and hope my Soviet forces will reach the same standard some day