Monday, March 3, 2008

Rules and Regulations...

One of the nice things about WW2 gaming is that -basically- bases don't matter all that much! A lot of rules sets seem to be pretty flexible on basing, which means lots of choices!

One thing I didn't want was individually based figures. For years, I had based my WW2 miniatures this way along with the other gamers in my area, and that meant...skirmishes. Even larger games played the same way, and there were no command and control rules to speak of.

When I left for Japan, I was leaving a very active gaming group behind me that had played a LOT of platoon-level WW2 games (I wonder what Dave Drummond and Phil Carpenter are up to these days?). But, it did mean that I would now have the freedom to base figures and play games that represented a higher level of command than had been the case. So, what was out there?

Over the last decade or so the following rule sets have attracted my attention:
  1. Command Decision (w/Barbarossa 25 Campaign Supplement)
  2. Red Storm- Grey Steel
  3. Spearhead
  4. Flames of War
  5. Blitzkrieg Commander

to be continued...

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tim said...

We've been having a lot of fun with Blitzkrieg Commander - hope you do too! I really like the command and control system and the fact that it's written for a higher level of combat (battalions being the maneuver group) than previous sets we've used (Flames of War, Crossfire, WRG, etc - which all have section stands and platoons as maneuver groups).

I'd highly recommend downloading the updated close combat rules (the ones introduced in Cold War Commander) as they work much nicer. Also check out CWC as there's a few other things that are a little different - that we now use in BKC - the way opportunity fire works is a bit better, etc.