Sunday, February 21, 2010

"D" Minus 5...

...and are we panicking yet?

A little!  A lot of loose ends to tie up, not to mention working on the trench piece.  This weekend I was able to get some work done, but not as much as I had hoped as there was a lot of "real life" things I had to get done as well.

However,  last week I was pleasantly surprised to have received my last-minute order of Japanese guns and vehicles from SHQ Miniatures.  Really fast turnaround time- less than a week since placing the order in fact.  

Included were the two Ha-Go light tanks, a field gun, and a mortar which the Japanese should find really handy in the game next week.   Very nice models they are, too.

Today I cleaned off the flash and assembled the tanks and gun.  The tanks just need to have the gun barrels added and they are done. 
I wanted to work on the plastic models too, but time- and energy- conspired against me, so I'll work on them tomorrow evening.  If I can get them finished Monday night, I'll give them all a spray undercoat.  

From what I've been able to ascertain so far, vehicles for Manchuria will be painted a dark yellow (very similar to German dunkelgelb), painted over with khaki green swaths.

And I still need to touch up some Russians and get the trench works done- I can see Friday night may see the burning of considerable midnight oil.

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