Saturday, December 5, 2009

Forward Detachment- Organization and Point Chart

A quick post before I'm away on business for a week.  

Not much visible progress, but I was able to assemble a bunch of road wheels, work on the engineer's halftrack, sand down some join lines and putty, and most obviously to add the decals to the commanders tanks now that I got that order from HLJ.

I thought I would put up some screen shots I took of my organization and point chart that I'm working on for my Forward Detachment.  Points are for Blitzkrieg Commander rules.  Click on the charts to enlarge.

First, the Motorcycle Battalion.  I have everything I need for this now that I have the BA-6's, and all the models are being built- the battalion as a whole is about 40% done so far.

And here is the chart for the 220th Tank Brigade.  This one is really taking shape fast.  The only things I still have to get are the Lend-Lease AA halftracks, which I will order soon.

Once I get back and into the hobby groove again, I'll continue work on the models.

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