Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Cats

While going through my stash of 1/76 scale kits, I took stock of what I have for the Germans.  Again, it turns out I've amassed a lot more kits than I had thought!

Fujimi Kits:
2x Pz-III N

6x Pz-IV Ausf. J
1x Panther Pz-VG
5x Tigers (!) (I got two more bundled with the Is-2m's as per my previous post, and now have more than I need!)
11x Sdkfz-251's
1x  Sdkfz-250
2x Sturmgeschutz III

2x Wespe SP guns

1x Hummel SP gun
1x Wirbelwind SPAA

Trucks, trucks, trucks...

This box contains the German air support in the shape of a Stuka and Henschel ground attack aircraft, some assorted extras and of course Tigers, Panthers, and other Big Cats...

"I want to be a Pz-V when I grow up"

Anyway, I have enough kits to build up a very respectable Panzer force for the Wehrmacht.  Either that, or I can open my own hobby shop. 

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